Woman water photographers | Lucia Gulminelli

Lucia Gulminelli Instagram: @_____cruda_____ Website: cruda.eu

Woman water photographers | Romina Soda

Romina Soda Instagram: @romysodaph Website: romysoda.com

Woman water photographers | Aina Elias

Woman water photographers | Aina Elias During the International Women's Day, March 8th, we have decided to pay tribute to a series…

Woman water photographers | Lara Höfemann

    Lara Höfemann Instagram: @larahfn Website: larahfn.com
Surf Films

The 4 most epic surf movies & 1 Book

We know that there are many that have been mentioned many times, but when it comes to good surfing films and books, there are always…

Differences between Surfhouse and Surfcamp.

We are always asked about the difference between Surfcamp and Surfhouse, and for us it is a pleasure to explain it, because in this…
Grupo caminando por el camino rural que nos lleva a la playa


A MUST OF THE #NEXOexperience   NEXO Surfhouse is linked to surf, to the commitment of giving you the best surf classes and…
caños de meca

spot check: Caños de meca and yerbabuena from birds view

Surf spot check Cádiz: Incredible views from the drone from our neighbor surf spots Caños de meca and Yerbabuena by the hand of:…
atardecer otoño

Sunset surfing El Palmar

Just another lovely sunset surf session in front of our surf camp. There is some reason why Costa de la Luz is such a magical place…