– Who is Vera? Where were you born and anything that you think defines you and you want to tell us.

My name is Vera and I was born in Zurich, Switzerland. My mother grew up in the Swiss mountains, and so I spent half my childhood surrounded by the majestic Swiss giants and beautiful Nature. Already as a little girl I had an adventurous spirit, always keen on exploring new places where I felt most alive and free.

– How did yoga come into your life? and how did you become interested in sharing it?

Yoga has accompanied and inspired me for over ten years and has brought a lot of peace into my active lifestyle. During seven exciting years, I have created my life between two worlds – as a teacher in Zurich and travelling to tropical countries with lots of time to pursue my passions yoga & surfing. On one of my trips to Indonesia, I decided to dive deeper into my own practice and Yoga philosophy, by taking a Teacher Training. Everything fell right into place, and I started sharing my practice with fellow travelers from around the globe, and also back home. This opened up a whole new world for me. I fell in love with all of it.

– What is your training and what do you specialize in?

For six years, I have been teaching Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Four years ago, I started creating yoga retreats in the Swiss mountains and at the ocean. It has always been my dream to combine my most favorite things and share these passions with wonderful people- Yoga, Meditation, outdoor activities and my love for personal growth and community.

For me, the yoga mat is a place where I get to explore my body and myself in a wonderful, protected environment. It is a sacred space where I can observe my daily challenges and turn them into personal growth. How do I deal with them? Do I meet them with a rigid mind or with ease? How do I keep my balance? How do I stay in the flow? How we do anything is how we do everything!

My yoga style is a creative mix of lighthearted flows and stillness- of effort and ease.

– How was your experience being a yoga teacher at NEXO?

Sharing Yoga classes at Nexo Surfhouse is one of my favorite memories. The warmth of the whole staff and guests and the friendly atmosphere made me feel at home in a heartbeat. I remember the sounds in the beautiful garden while teaching, my daily bike rides to check the waves before and after my classes, and this incredible and unique Andalusian light that nourished my body and soul anywhere I went. Nexo remains one of the most precious places I have ever visited, and I recommend a visit to anybody from my very heart.

– Do you want to tell us or add anything else?

Currently I live in Zurich from where I share my practice online via Zoom, for now. If you would like to join me on one of my upcoming retreats, please visit my website www.miakoda-retreats.com or follow me on Instagram. I would love to welcome you and take you on one of my wonderful journeys, to your heart and inner peace.


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