Sandra Wagner

– Who is Sandra? Where were you born and anything that you think defines you and you want to tell us.

Hi I’m Sandra. I’m born and raised in the area around Frankfurt (am Main) / Germany. Living in cities surrounded by rivers instead of the ocean I always knew I wanted more. More Nature. More Water. More waves. More Freedom.

As a kid I told my parents – one day I’m going to live by the sea, having a palm tree in my front yard. Thats my life goal – no more.

Since there are no palm trees growing in Frankfurt, I started my search in 2010 and basically live the search since then.

Meanwhile I call the far north of Germany my home (Sankt Peter-Ording). For those of you who don’t know – we have a small coastline in Germany ;-)

I spend my summers at the beach, working for a water sports center, teaching Beach Yoga Classes early in the morning, Workshops or Retreats at the weekend.

As this coastline is part of a world natural heritage, nature could not be more peaceful. Water is coming and going (it’s the northsea), building some small and stormy waves and it smells like freedom.

Still no palm trees though.

Fortunately, there are places with palm trees in the front yard and loving people who always welcome me in their home.

You know who I’m taking about, right? I’m so grateful to be part of the NEXO familiy.

– How did yoga come into your life? and how did you become interested in sharing it?

Yoga was my anchor during all my travels. I either chose my travel location depending on the local yoga community, or looked up the closest yoga studio straight after arrival. Besides meeting lots of like-minded and inspiring people to share deep conversations with, I got to know lots of different yoga styles. I became curious why I felt so different after each practice, so I started to dig deeper. After a while it didn’t make sense anymore to just study and consume, I felt the urge to share my knowledge about the practice that anchored me while still allowing me to search for more.

– What is your training and what do you specialize in?

As a former gymnast and athlete, I had to deal with many injuries that recurred during yoga practice. So I felt more comfortable in alignment-based yoga styles and

and got curious with the effect they have on my body, both in the short and in the long term. That’s what I teach today – alignment-based yoga.

In my classes we focus on developing awareness of what our bodies need in order to find greater balance in the muscular system. I believe that by consciously dealing with the body we pave the way to our inner being, get to know ourselves better and learn to make smarter decisions. 

Freedom, stability & mobility are 3 attributes that are reflected in my teaching, just as they are in my everyday life. My aim is to create a space in which everyone can feel comfortable – regardless of previous experience.

– Do you still practice yoga with other teachers or do you only practice on your own? What kind of practice is your favorite? Has it always been like this? Does it change depending on something?

I will always be a yoga student first. I share what I have experienced for myself. No more. No less.

I am constantly striving for deeper knowledge, the more I learn, the more dreadful I become to the practice of yoga – on and off the mat.

As often as possible I practice with my teachers online & offline. In between I do my own practice, by which I don’t just mean asana. In this point my yoga practice has changed during the years – asana and bio-mechanics is no longer the main focus of my practice and studies, tantric yoga philosophy and the mind has become equal important to me. 

– How was your experience being a yoga teacher at NEXO?

The practice of Yoga satisfies our longing for belonging, a deeply rooted feeling of connectedness that is in all of us. Yoga brings people together, sometimes only for the duration of the practice. Sometimes, however, far beyond the practice on the mat. That’s why I fell in love with yoga and have stuck with it ever since. Same with NEXO.

Staying at NEXO is the equivalent to this ancient practice. It’s a place to connect with like minded people, satisfies your need for belonging, while sharing short term stories and making long term memories.

Now imagine teaching yoga at an environment of people who live the wisdom of the ancient yogis full hearted, partly without ever having been on the yoga mat ;-)

Let’s say – it was joyful & nourishing. I fell in love in 2017 and I keep returning ever since (not only because of the missing palm trees in my own front yard… )

– Why would you recommend to practice in our Surfhouse? (if you do)

Besides of the palm trees next to your Yoga Shala? ;-)

I personally love listening to the sound of nature while practicing, it always leaves me with the feeling of a deeper connection and satisfaction. 

– Do you want to tell us or add anything else?

Thanks for being who you are!