Surya Namaskar: Sun Salutation secrets for a stress-free and healthier life.

As we always say the Sun Salutation is great for a stress-free and healthy routine. Yoga is one of the most important tools when it comes to having a calm, balanced and stress-free life. That’s why we introduce you to the Sun Salutations, so that you can incorporate them into your daily life, in a simple and healthy way, and enjoy all its benefits, like strees-free.

One of the things we don’t imagine when we practice yoga for the first time is that it will change our lives.

And maybe not that same day, or week or even year, maybe it will take some time between taking this first step and understanding the magnitude of it. But it will happen, and trusting in that, we invite you to try it. You will gradually see how yoga and Sun Salutation reduces stress and little by little your life will be happier and healthier.

Yoga is a philosophy of life and the Sun Salutation is one of its best tools to combat stress in a healthy way.


Even if it is presented to you as a way to soothe a sore back or do a physical activity, you will see its benefits in many areas.  You will understand how the Sun Salutation reduces your stress and you will see how your routine becomes healthier and more harmonious.

The practice opens a new space, sometimes difficult to achieve in a routine of stress, tasks and obligations.

This discipline allows us to connect with the body in a healthier and deeper way, taking anatomical and emotional awareness, paying attention to the breath and understanding the fundamental role it plays in the practice.

Doing yoga makes us lower our revolutions, rooting ourselves in the present, focusing on what is important and being able to find refuge on the mat. Little by little the yoga mat and the Sun Salutation become a refuge where we free ourselves from stress and acquire another tool to have a healthy routine.

In addition there are many reasons to practice yoga but by finding yourself honestly on the mat, striving, getting angry, smiling, crying, resting or fighting against your own mind you will understand the potential of bringing yoga into your life. Sun salutation is a quick & easy way to go Stress-free and have a healthy routine.


Stress-free and healthy sun salutation

Practicing yoga regularly helps you to have a better quality of life and be happier.


Consequently from Nexo, we seek to transmit the importance of this practice applied to everyday life, in a real routine, blended with responsibilities, worries and obligations. Even in a fast-paced life, without much time to devote to it, we encourage you to take a moment, maybe just 10 minutes. The important thing is to stop for a moment and be able to turn towards yourself, becoming aware in order to enjoy and live a little more in the present. Even if it is just a few minutes doing Sun Salutations, freeing yourself from stress, you will feel much healthier.


The Sun Salutation is a tool to practice every day, even if you don’t have much time available. The Sun Salutation is the key to feel healthy and stress free.

That is why this routine is one of the key parts of yoga practice: a series of asanas (postures) in movement, combined with breathing. Sun salutations benefit the body and mind immensely, as well as awakening your entire nervous system to function better during the day.

The classic Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar A) is a sequence of 9 asanas, flowing and interconnecting through synchrony with the breath.


Among the benefits of this practice are:


  1. Detoxifies: During the sun salutation, the lungs are deeply ventilated, the detox systems of our body are activated (circulatory, digestive, lymphatic). When the breath and the body flow together, inner heat is generated, achieving an integral purification process.


  1. It benefits all systems of the body: respiratory, digestive, circulatory, muscular, nervous and endocrine. This is reflected in a better state of health, better body posture. In addition it is reflected in the brightness of the face, as it prevents the ageing of the skin, bones and internal organs.


  1. Improves digestion: the movements generate compression and decompression of the abdominal organs. These receive a massage helping them to maintain their optimal functioning, eliminate digestive disorders such as constipation and improve digestive comfort.


  1. Strengthens the whole body: back, abdomen and arms, as 90-95% of the muscles are worked.


  1. Natural treatment for anxiety and stress: it balances and normalises the nervous system and the activity of the endocrine glands. As well it calms the mind.


As a result, there are many more reasons to practice yoga, and probably each person has his or her own. Our personal ones are: to live in a conscious, healthy and harmonious way.

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