We are always asked about the difference between Surfcamp and Surfhouse, and for us it is a pleasure to explain it, because in this explanation lies our identity: NEXO is a Surfhouse, where you can also do a Surfcamp.


To begin with we should define Surfcamp.

Surfcamps are, basically, hostels on the beach, or very close to it, with a good atmosphere and a wide range of services (wide and adapted to the clients) that go from accommodation to surf equipment for you to practice on your own.


That’s why we are not a normal Surfcamp, but we are a Surfhouse, where, among other things, we are dedicated to organize Surfcamps in our own style: looking that besides having a GREAT time, you feel at home.


So, what is NEXO Surfhouse?


NEXO Surfhouse is our home, where we invite you to share with us a life philosophy based on our passions: surfing, yoga and calm life, in contact with nature, at an organic and enjoyable pace, living consciously every moment of the day, making your holidays a unique experience.


These are some of the things that characterize NEXO Surfhouse:


             1.Human contact.

At NEXO we try to avoid crowds. We like to focus on the personalisation and tranquillity of small groups. We enjoy getting to know everyone by name, being able to attend them with calm and dedication, and also take care of all the details such as being present to welcome and show the Surfhouse to each of our new guests. 

In NEXO Surfhouse we want to transmit the warmth of a big house, that inspires tranquillity and also a lot of comfort and desire to enjoy it. 

To make this possible we have a team that works and shares this philosophy, that seeks to do each of its tasks with love and passion and that contributes to make Nexo Surfhouse, as well as a house, a home. So don’t be surprised when you see our staff taking care of the space, the garden and each guest with dedication and love. 


Grupo en la playa hace ejercicios de calentamiento. Los colores son cálidos, están divertidos y felices, hay palmeras de fondo y arena clara.


          2. Our services, our philosophy of life.

Every surf lesson, yoga practice, massage and meal we prepare is done with deep care and dedication. Our cooks work with love, curating a balanced menu, ideal for your holiday and with options for all tastes and special diets. 

Our menu is designed to be healthy, enjoyable and to give you the energy to make the most of all your plans. In addition, all our meals are prepared using high quality and local ingredients.

          3. Variety of spaces.

Our Surfhouse is a real oasis in the middle of El Palmar.

Besides having more than 7,000 meters of garden, in our Surfhouse you will find many different spaces where you can share, rest and enjoy.

In addition to the garden, we have other common areas that will make you feel at home:

– Dining room:
This is where we serve every breakfast, lunch and dinner. The room has views of one of the gardens, with lots of natural light all day long, warm and comfortable. 

Do you want to read a book, do you need to work, do you feel like sharing a chat or a tea with a board game?

This space will make you feel like you are in your own living room.

– Yoga Shalas:
both the indoor and outdoor shala (in the middle of the gardens) are available for free use during your stay at the Surfhouse. You can practice at any time of the day, overlooking nature, surrounded by birdsong and warm Gaditan breezes.

– Surf School:
at the end of one of the gardens you will find our Surf School, just inside our property, a few steps away from your own room. 

The Surf School area is a beautiful space, surrounded by trees, with common areas where you can leave your personal belongings & your surf equipment, to use it whenever you want and with outside showers to take a sweet water shower when you come back from the sea. 

– Massage cabin:
our massage cabin is an important part of the NEXO experience. The warm wooden hut is the ideal setting for your massage. Relax and enjoy a customized massage according to your wishes and needs, overlooking the garden, or on the terrace of the cabin, under the trees and the sounds of nature.

– Enchanted Forest:
one of the favourite places for our little guests. This children’s area has hammocks, slides and a wooden cabin that, lost among the gardens, is a refuge for the youngest adventurers.

– Parking:
don’t worry about the car. Everything in El Palmar is within walking distance, park and start enjoying the ideal pace of our Surfhouse.


Grupo en clase de surf camina por pasarela de madera en la playa, con tablas de surf y palmeras de fondo.


            4. Flexibility.

We know that not everyone has the same work structure, and therefore holidays are not the same for everyone. That’s why our flexible arrival times are famous among Surfcamps.

That’s why every time you think about your holiday, plan freely and we will help you find the ideal dates to visit us, whether you come on holiday for a few days, 1 week or more than two. 

It doesn’t matter if you arrive on a Monday or a Saturday, the important thing is that you arrive, and that your stay is dreamy.

Grupo en clase de surf camina por camino rural con vistas a la playa y las olas.


         5. The balance between relaxation and fun.

Nexo Surfhouse aims to be a refuge, a place where you can get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

At NEXO we make sure you find a place to disconnect from the routine and reconnect with your enjoyment. All our activities will help you to relax, connect with nature, clear your mind and activate your body in a healthy way. 

In our Surfhouse you will find the opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself at the same time. There is always an ideal atmosphere and lots of people travelling solo and accompanied, looking to share moments, like a nice conversation in the garden after lunch or a glass of wine or beer after a surf session or a Surf course.

Una mujer aprender a surfear en una clase con un profesor de NEXO Surfhouse. Se le ve feliz.


           6. Home.

This is undoubtedly what matters most to us, and it is our main objective when doing our job.

Our home is your home, and we are happy to share our days, and our lifestyle with you. 

We are waiting for you in our Surfhouse, we invite you to join our NEXO family.


NEXO Surfhouse iluminada por la noche, entre árboles, muy cálida.


If you want to know more about our life at the Surfhouse and about us, we invite you to keep exploring our BLOG and to follow us on social media.

Welcome to NexoSurfhouse! We are looking forward to meeting you!