Woman water photographers | Aina Elias

During the International Women’s Day, March 8th, we have decided to pay tribute to a series of woman water photographers. These woman also share our values, our philosophy of life and who are also, like us, lovers of the sea.
In addition to sharing their work, their water pictures and sensitivity, we wanted to take the opportunity to delve a little deeper into their intimacy and find out from which side they take each photograph. The sea as a model is a pleasure and also a way of transmitting their calm through their images.

That’s why, for this occasion we decided to ask them some questions, to get to know them more deeply and find out how they feel about photography on a professional and personal level, as women and aquatic photographers.

Also, we feel that the sea is our source of inspiration, that’s why we have used this interview to find out how she feels emotionally portraying and having THE SEA as a model.

Among other things, we asked him what he likes about having the sea as a model and this was his answer:

“The sea is a constant change. It is never the same. It offers you infinite possibilities for freezing the image, in terms of the scene, the waves, the texture, the currents, the weather, the light that falls depending on the time of day and the season of the year, and so on. The sea is beautiful and consequently, everything that is created around it will also be beautiful”.

We introduce you to Aina Elias, one of the youngest water photographers in Spain.

Woman photographers in the Womans Day | Aina Elias Woman photographers in the Womans Day | Aina Elias Woman photographers in the Womans Day | Aina Elias

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Aina Elias
Instagram: aina_eliasCapturing all around