Combining Surf and Yoga in a retreat setting can be incredibly powerful. But as an aspiring retreat leader, you already knew that!

The combination of these two passions creates a unique experience that can unlock endless opportunities of connection, exploration, self-development, and enjoyment for your current or future clients.

And then there’s the benefits for you– the organiser: beautiful holidays by the beach, teaching just one or two yoga sessions per day, and earning a nice wage. Sounds dreamy, right?

Many facilitators don’t know (or realise) that offering such events require a significant amount of organisation, as well as carrying notable financial risk. If you’re just at the start of your retreat leaders journey, there’s a number of factors to consider before birthing your retreat into the world.

Read on for five things to consider when organising a surf & yoga retreat.


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Define your target audience…

A good starting point is to get clear about the enthusiastic people you’d like to attend your retreat.

First, consider the purpose of the retreat. Is it designed to be a relaxing getaway for busy professionals? A chance to deepen one’s practice and understanding of yoga? A healing and transformative experience for individuals dealing with specific issues or challenges?

Next, it’s important to consider the goals of the retreat. Are you looking to attract experienced surfers or beginners? Are you focusing on a particular style of yoga or incorporating other practices such as meditation or mindfulness? The target audience should be interested in and able to benefit from the goals of the retreat.

Lastly, think about the type of yoga that will be practiced. Is it a gentle and restorative practice, a more intense and physically demanding style, or a combination? The target audience should be comfortable with and interested in the type of yoga being offered.

By clearly defining the target audience for a yoga retreat, you can better tailor the program to meet the needs and expectations of participants, and you’ll have more chances to fill out the spots on your retreat!

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Get clear on the retreat’s theme… 

Theming a yoga retreat is an important aspect of creating a memorable and transformative experience for participants. The theme of the retreat sets the tone for the entire program and helps to guide the flow of each class and activity.

One effective way to theme a yoga retreat is to focus on a particular concept or intention. This could be anything from rest and restore, to self-care and self-love. The theme should be interesting and relevant to your target audience, and should be woven into each stage of the retreat; the workshops, activities, meals, downtime, and more.

By creating a cohesive and thoughtful theme for a yoga retreat, you can help to provide a truly transformative experience for participants, one that leaves them feeling nourished, inspired, and empowered.

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Choose your dream destination…

With surf as one of your chosen activities on offer, it’s crucial that your retreat destination is one that is, of course, close to the waves! Look for a destination with a beach that has consistent waves, a safe environment for surfing, and is accessible to all levels at various points throughout the year.

As well as being within close proximity to the beach, you’ll want to opt for a retreat centre that is conducive to rest, restore, and rejuvenation! After a long day catching waves, your guests will be keen to return home and kick-back! Having a dedicated space to practice yoga (like a shala or yoga deck) is, of course, a must for any yoga retreat.

Depending on the needs of your participants, when on retreat it feels nourishing to be surrounded by nature, with all your basics taken care of. Consider a space that offers deliciously healthy catering, to ensure your guests are well-fed and nourished!

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Piece together an interesting schedule…

A well-organised retreat will strike the perfect balance between surf and yoga classes, and free time for relaxation and exploring the local areas. As surfing depends on the weather conditions, it’s key to have several activities prepared as a back-up plan in case that it’s not possible to head out to surf.

Remember that retreating will often mean that your guests are keen for some rest and digest time (unless it’s an “action-packed”, “adrenaline-rush” retreat!). So, although you may have lot you want to share, don’t be tempted to cram-pack your schedule leaving no time for simply relaxing!

Your guests will want to have everything prepared for them- from where they’re going to spend the day surfing, to what they’ll be eating that same evening. The clue is in the name; a retreat truly is an opportunity to retreat from our day-to-day lives and be taken care of.

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Get the word out…

So you’ve gotten clear on the retreat’s theme, where you’ll host your retreat, and the activities that’ll be offered. You’ve also forged a clear picture of your expenses, determined your desired profit, and calculated a price per student. Now, it’s time to market your retreat!

Timing is key here- people tend to book retreats with plenty of time in advance, so it’s best to start promoting your event with at least 6-months to go.

In your posts, you’ll want to speak directly to your target audience and their “pain points”- i.e. are they overworked and looking for some relaxation time? Are they excited to take time away from the norm and visit new and unknown scenic destinations? Offer them the solution to their problems in your posts.

And here’s where you can get creative! Using the social media channels that are available to you, create compelling content that highlights the benefits of the retreat. Include photos and videos of the location and activities, testimonials from past participants, and information about the teachers or facilitators.

Consider offering “early-bird” discounts and referral incentives, which can encourage participants to register early and invite their friends and family to join them.


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Retreating at NEXO

Imagine waking up to the sounds of birds and the waves crashing in the distance; starting your day with a nutritious breakfast in a tree-filled garden; taking time to soak-up the energy of beautiful El Palmar… Retreats at NEXO couldn’t get any better!

Based in one of the best surf-spots in Spain and with two gorgeous yoga spots- our cosy indoor shala and our sunny yoga deck, we’ve everything your guests will be searching for in a retreat.

If you’re on the hunt for a retreat destination- look no further! We’re excited to co-create an event that’ll leave your guests feeling replenished, inspired, and fulfilled.

Get in touch today with your questions and to enquire about our availability.