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So, you’re coming to NEXO for the surf, and the surf alone?

Well, we’ll happily let you in on a little secret: the yoga classes that are included in your Package are going to benefit your surf practice tenfold!

Surfing and practicing yoga may seem like two completely different activities, but they actually complement each other perfectly. In this blog, we’ll explore 3 reasons why surfing and yoga go hand-in-hand!

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The full-body benefits

Of course, both yoga and surf come with a whole host of amazing physical benefits- as a surfer, you’ll know that riding waves is a full-body workout that requires strength, flexibility, and balance. Funnily enough, yoga- although it couldn’t look more dissimilar to surfing- also focuses on building strength and flexibility in the body through yogic postures, otherwise known as asanas. Surfers can further increase their flexibility and balance by incorporating yoga into their surf training regimen, leading to better performance in the water. And let’s not forget the importance of stretching before heading out into the sea (that’s right- those stretches you do on the sand can be found in a yoga practice!). And if that wasn’t enough, yoga can help surfers to recover from the wear and tear of surfing, by stretching and opening up the muscles that are most used in the sport.

Soak up the present moment

But – you guessed it – the benefits of combining surfing and yoga go beyond just the physical! Both practices also have a strong emphasis on mindfulness and being present in the moment. In fact, we’ve heard many surfers claim, “surfing is my meditation!”. When surfing, it’s vital we’re aware of the waves, the wind, and the currents; we’re rooted in everything that’s taking place in the present moment so that we can react quickly and intuitively. Yoga, similarly, teaches us to be present in our bodies, to be aware of our breath, and to let go of distractions. By bringing this mindfulness off the mat and into the water, surfers can improve their ability to focus and react in the moment, which is crucial for catching the perfect wave!

Get in touch with nature

What’s more… both yoga and surfing are activities that are enjoyed outdoors and in nature. Practicing yoga on the beach or in the water can help to deepen one’s connection to the natural world. Surfing, in particular, is a sport that forces one to be in tune with the ocean, its moods and its rhythms. Combining these two practices can help surfers to understand and appreciate the ocean on a deeper level.


Still not convinced? You’ll have to visit us in sunny El Palmar to see for yourself!

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Here at NEXO, we meet daily to stretch our muscles, get grounded, and prepare our bodies and minds for the waves ahead! Our Yoga Platform is the ideal location to centre your thoughts and find peace at the start of each beautiful retreat day.

So whether you’re an avid surfer who’s looking to limber up and create more space in your body for those moves on water, or you’re a yogi who’s keen to try your hand at a fun new skill, NEXO is your spot! And if you already love both sports- jump in and enjoy the ride!