normas covid

Taking care of you is taking care of all of us. We are very grateful for your trust in choosing us and also very happy to be able to receive you in our surfhouse, in El Palmar, where there has been no cases of Covid-19 and it remains the same, with all precautions.

It is very important for us to take care of you by keeping our familiar style, being able to receive you as we like, warmly and making you feel at home. That’s why, besides complying with all the official security protocols, we take care of all the other details, guaranteeing you a relaxing and wonderful stay.

Because we want you to feel comfortable and safe at the same time, these are the security measures we apply in every service and activity of our Surfhouse.

Our security protocols



At Nexo Surfhouse we follow the protocols established by the Spanish Surfing Federation.

We use the same products we were using before, now recommended, to disinfect wetsuits and surfboards after use. As previously done, we assign each person a wetsuit and surfboard for personal use during the entire stay optimizing even more your safety.

During the lessons, we have modified the collective warm-up exercises to maintain social distance and once in the water, we guide you in your learning so that you can achieve by yourself your surfing goals with our instructions.

Our classes are guided by our national and international certified instructors, making them functional and fun. In addition, our materials are of high quality, using top wetsuits, softboards (beginner boards) and our evolution and advanced fiber boards, made by Nexo Surfboards brand.


Our yoga classes are held on the wooden platform in one of our gardens. The natural and open environment is ideal now, not only because of the beautiful surroundings but also because of being totally outdoors. During the classes we maintain the social distance, having a maximum occupancy so that everyone feels comfortable and safe.

Before the class, each student is asked whether or not they wish to receive adjustments from the teacher and if so, we rigorously use disinfectant alcohol before and after each assistant. In addition, when safety distance cannot be maintained, the teacher wears a mask.


Located in the garden and surrounded by trees, our massage cabin is the ideal place to receive a massage both within the open air or in its cozy inside.

Our masseur will make you relax completely, feeling safe in his hands. As a safety measure, disinfectant alcohol is rigorously used at the beginning and end of the massage, and he is constantly wearing his mask.


The meals service has been modified to avoid crowding and keep the social distance (before buffet) and our staff will serve you at your table our daily home made menu. We then make sure all sanitary requirements are being complied while keeping a healthy food style and the very personal and close service as a sign of our identity.


We want you to feel at home meaning wherever you go, you can have the confidence we are taking care of your safeness to be comfortable and relaxed.

You will find disinfectant alcohol to be used in plenty and different places around and the whole Surfhouse  (common areas, toilets, restaurant, reception, yoga shala, surf school, massage cabin and hallways of the building) is subject to constant and deep disinfection protocols, guaranteeing the safety of everyone.


Because we are concerned about the actual uncertainties, we are flexible in arrival and departure dates and understand changes in your trip dates you might have to conduct. We will help you organize your trip and give you all the information needed to get to our Surfhouse with your own rental car or using the local transport (supporting with the timetable of trains, buses and taxi service).

Our cancellation policy considers last minute changes due to Covid 19 without any costs, these being the government ban to travel, close of the beach in El Palmar or if unable to travel due to your own sickness due to Covid 19. We are open in communication and we want it to work for both parts.