Grupo caminando por el camino rural que nos lleva a la playa

A MUST OF THE #NEXOexperience


NEXO Surfhouse is linked to surf, to the commitment of giving you the best surf classes and with excellent and well maintained surf equipment, always ready for you to walk to the beach. As depending on climate and meteorological conditions, we consider the best timing for the classes to organize the weekly and daily activities, so you can make the most of your surfing holidays.


We need to know more about you to help you improve your surfing skills, so our surf instructors will ask you about your surf level, previous surf experiences and if there are any fears you must overcome to achieve your goals. It is on top of our priorities to support and help you attain your own expectations with safety and fun. 

What surf levels are considered?

Our surf courses are designed for first time surfers to experienced ones from a wide age range, making them useful for every single one in each level. 

Our surf instructors, certified by the Spanish Surf Federation and/or ISA, are local and perfectly know El Palmar and the surrounding beaches. They consider the best beach where to give the surf course according to each level and can recommend plenty of them, so you can go and explore yourself as an expert surfer. And certainly they assure your safety, improvement and fun in the classes.

What measures are taken to prevent COVID-19?


There is a Covid-19 Action Plan that we carefully fulfill. It implies the disinfection of wetsuits with specific products after each use, what we have always been doing, and we assign you a wetsuit and surfboard for your own use during your stay. If you need to change them, the cleaning of the equipment is assured so anyone can find it in perfect conditions.


How is a typical surf course?

From the moment you arrive to our Surfhouse our commitment is to make you feel welcomed and comfortable in our #nexofamily. Surf courses are a very good activity to be part of daily life, get to know everyone in here and really enjoy your holidays. 



We always consider each of you in every surf class. 

All surfers meet before the classes in the surf school to share expectations of the surf session to come, any doubt, difficulties, necessities or fears you might have in which the surf instructors can help you to achieve your surfing purpose. It is really important for them to know how you are feeling in the waves, with your board and your improvements to attain an amazing experience.


Surf equipment will be assigned according to your surf level and requirements and, if you brought your own, it is the time to get ready!



The beach is just 300m from our Surfhouse, an easy walking distance to paradise with vegetable gardens and grazing cows on the sides of the path. A wooden walkway leads you to the most uncrowded part of  El Palmar, with empty peaks perfect for your surfing classes and practice.


It is a kind path to walk and you can easily carry the softboards (both kids and adults), used mainly for beginners and early intermediates, by a gap on it or you will share the weight by carrying two boards by two people, one holding the board´s nose and the other the tails.



It is an essential exercise before surfing and one of our favourite ones. 

Once at the beach, warm ups consist of several games and exercises that will mainly prepare your muscles and brain for the surfing session. But it is also a fantastic ice-breaker to get to know others and create that sense of tribe, with whom to celebrate every single victory in a wave and, why not, also those plenty of falls.



Theory is needed to improve your practice. Knowing more about the type of waves, breaks, currents, tides, bottoms, winds, surf forecast and how the conjunction of all will affect the waves wherever you are, will definitely help you understand plenty of the surf zone dynamics. The different kinds of boards, shapes, fins, rockers, volumes.. are part of the choice you must make when surfing according to your surf level, where you will surf and what you want to do during your surf session. You must always know the rules of the water as well.

There are plenty of things to learn to make you a better surfer. 

In our Surfhouse, surf theory classes are given in the garden or the common comfy area, with a blackboard and listening to our surf instructor explaining all those concepts and attending any doubt and concerns you might have. We love when these conversations continue during lunch time. It is a perfect moment to share surfing experiences.

Once at the beach, we daily refresh what we learned during the theory class and have the opportunity to apply our knowledge and try to do our best. There is a video analysis session as well, in which each of you are filmed during the surfing class and lately, we will together analyze it to learn from ourselves and from others achievements and failures. 



According to your surf level there are different groups. From the white foam beginners group to the experienced peak and maneuver adventurous, there is always a surf instructor to support you, give you confidence in the water and tips to achieve your surfing goals.

For us it is on top of the surf classes safety, improvement and fun. We want you to enjoy the surfing session from the practical point of view but there is another as important as that: the feelings when in the water, the waves, the views from there, the sound of the sea and the emotions that arise during that time.



Our surf courses can be booked with our Surf packages and get the complete surfing experience. But if you didn’t book one, you are very welcome to spontaneously try some classes.

Our surf classes are open to others not hosted at NEXO Surfhouse, by previous booking by mail, phone or WhatsApp.




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