Yoga teacher in the sea, Andalusia

Yoga teacher in the sea, Andalusia

– Who is Jaana? Where were you born and anything that you think defines you and you want to tell us.

I was born in Munich and then had the good fortune to grow up on the edge of the Alps, surrounded by nature. For my studies I then moved to Berlin, where I still live today when I’m not in Spain or somewhere else in the world.

Movement in any form – preferably in nature, under the open sky – has been an important part of my life from an early age. Especially the sea with its forces has always exerted a great fascination on me and has become a source of strength and teacher in all kind of situations.

My life has not always been straightforward and at times a bit turbulent, but I have been able to learn a lot. That things can change so quickly, nothing in life is certain and when you think it’s not going to go on, the best things can happen…

Therefore, I am very grateful for all the experiences I was allowed to make even if I do not want to make them again. ;)


– How did yoga come into your life? and how did you become interested in sharing it?

 The first experience with Yoga I already had as a teenager due to some problems with my knees.

I have been actively practicing yoga for 20 years now, as a companion and support in difficult situations, help for relaxation and for maintaining a healthy physical constitution.

But when I started my job in the corporate world I had less and less time for myself and my practice, I got trapped in the career world. The constant pressure and stress had left physical and psychological traces over time. At this point I decided to participate in a yoga teacher training to do something for myself and deepen my knowledge. I had never planned to teach at his stage.

But the positive changes I have noticed in myself as a result have strengthened my decision to share my experiences and to turn my passion into a profession. Sure, I didn’t start straight away, it took more than one year till I was brave enough to quit my safe job.

That’s how everything started and now I can no longer imagen not teaching.


Yoga teacher in the sea, Andalusia

– What is your training and what do you specialize in?

 I´m a certified Hatha, Vinyasa and Ying Yoga teacher, but during the years of practicing i´ve had a lot of different influences.

My yoga is dynamic and oriented primarily to Vinyasa flow, but I also like to incorporate elements from the different currents. The most important thing for me, however, is that the lightness of the practice is not lost and that each individual is given space for individual attention. I like to give my classes a theme or focus: what surrounds us in our daily lives; life in this particular place; the society in which we move and the difficulties of living in it. Here I also include the current conditions of nature and energetically align my lessons with them: What is the weather like, what phase of the moon are we in, what is our biological, inner clock ticking at what time of day….

For me yoga is the way to a new consciousness, a new perception of ourselves, on a physical, mental and spiritual level. In order to find our balance again, which is often lost in our everyday life.


– Do you still practice yoga with other teachers or do you only practice on your own? What kind of practice is your favorite? Has it always been like this? Does it change depending on something?

 I love it and it is a completely different experience when you are guided through your practice. And I always try to take the time to do that and try other directions as well. This way I can get new inspiration for my own practice and my lessons.

For me Yoga is lifelong learning, and I will always be a Yoga student who is only sharing his own experiences.

At the same time, I enjoy the practice just by myself being totally in my body, exploring and disconnecting, if possible in nature.


Yoga teacher in the sea, Andalusia

– How was your experience being a yoga teacher at NEXO?

 It is an amazing experience; the place is just made for teaching yoga. I´m meeting so many great people with the same mindset. And teaching outside in nature has its own vipes, you can connect so much more with the energies provided by nature, the ocean, the moon…. we live by the tides and the sun.

And I love to see how people experience the benefits of yoga for the first time or just in a totally different way. Here everybody is more relaxed and open – not trapped in daily life. And one of the most beautiful things for me is: seeing people arriving stressed and tired and after a few days the eyes are shining in a special way. – the sea has worked his miracle.


– Why would you recommend to practice in our Surfhouse? (if you do)

 El Palmar has always been a pure energy place for me. And especially at NEXO it is a little recharging oasis. The yoga shale with its tropic view and the outside platform in the shadow of the trees with the birds singing, are just two magic places for a yoga session.

And for me yoga is a perfect fit for surfers, if you want to get your body prepared for the next surf or recover from the last one.

Spending the whole day outside, at the beach, surfing, exploring the area, the local food and the different pace; gives you the chance to connect with your own energy and the ones surrounding you.

Just try it and you will know what I mean ;)


– Do you want to tell us or add anything else?

A big thank you to Aihnoa and Manu and the rest of the team, making me part of the NEXO family.

I’m really thankful for meeting all these great people who supported me to go my own way.

And all the love feedback from the customers, which shows me I´m on the right track.




You can find Jaana on her Instagram

Yoga teacher in the sea, Andalusia

Yoga teacher in the sea, Andalusia