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Surfing is far more than just catching a wave- throw into the mix paddling out, staying balanced, and maintaining control when waves are thrashing you around- and you’ve a sport that can be physically very challenging. It’s true: the practice of Surf is known worldwide as a demanding sport that works the entire body, and for good reason.

But have you ever considered the benefits of Surf for your mind?

Some even liken the practice of riding, gliding, floating along the waves to meditation. If you’ve experienced the freeing feeling of being surrounded by water, waiting for that next set to arrive, with nothing but the sound of the ocean as nature’s heartbeat, then you just know. There’s nothing quite like it. 

So what is it about Surfing that makes it so beneficial for your mind? Read on as we highlight 4 reasons Surf can be a form of meditation…

1. There’s nothing quite like the present moment

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When you’re out on the water, you need to be completely present in the moment, paying attention to the waves, currents, and other surfers around you. The rhythm of the ocean and the physical demands of surfing can help you get out of your head and into the present moment, where you can let go of worries and distractions. There’s no time to ponder on what you should make for dinner tonight or that piece of work that you didn’t finish or the conversation you had yesterday- your senses are so focused on everything that’s taking place around you- that if your mind were to wonder you may just miss the next magical wave!

At NEXO, we encourage you to leave behind the to-dos, the emails, the this and that. Here, you can sink into a world of peace, and focus entirely on whatever it is you’re doing at any given moment; be it surfing, practicing yoga, enjoying our delicious food, or simply “being” in one of our cosy hammocks. After all, we’re human beings– not human doings ;)

2. Nature is the purest portal to inner peace

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There’s no wifi out on the water, but we’re sure you’ll find better connection! Surfing allows you to connect with nature in one of the most profound ways. Left, right, above, below- you’re completely surrounded by nature; all of which help us humans to feel grounded and balanced. Numerous studies have proven the many incredible benefits of spending time in nature- from easing stress and soothing anxiety, to promoting greater feelings of self-love and self-connection (and connection in general!).

Luckily, at NEXO, you’re surrounded by nature in every meaning of the word. Upon waking, step out from your room into our peaceful, spacious, and abundant garden. We spend much of life at NEXO here; soaking up the sun, reading a good book, playing games, and connecting with new-found friends. And if that wasn’t enough nature, the beach is just a stone’s throw away- a pretty little lane leads you to one of the most beautiful beaches in Cádiz. Vitamin Sea, anyone?

3. The breath is the secret of life

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When paddling out to the waves, long, deep breaths can help us to maintain our energy levels and avoid fatigue. The same can be said when we want to catch a wave- if we’re able to regulate our breath we may find it easier to stay calm and in control. Sure, we’ve all been breathing since the day we arrived Earthside, but very few of us know how to breath properly. Surfing can help us to access a deeper part of ourselves that enables us to find greater peace even in stressful moments- all through the magical art of merely breathing!

Our Yoga Classes will further help you prepare for the surf session ahead! Focusing on the synergy between breath and body, we will move with grace and fluidity to encourage long, deep breaths that in turn promote deep healing for the body (and mind!). Oh, and you’ll love our beautiful outdoors yoga deck, where the sessions take place.

4. Time slows; action and awareness merge 

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The flow state, also known as “being in the zone,” is a psychological term that describes a state of mind where a person is fully immersed in a task, completely focused and present in the moment. Surfing can help us to access this experience. When we access flow state while in the water, we are more able to ride the waves with a sense of effortless grace and control, almost as if we are one with the ocean. During this state of heightened awareness, we may experience a sense of timelessness, where we lose track of time and feel completely absorbed in the moment. Our mind is fully focused on the present moment; our movements fluid and effortless. If we’re able to achieve this state while surfing, then we could take this feeling into our day-to-day lives, living with more focus, awareness, and presence.

In conclusion, Surfing is not just a sport, but a lifestyle that can positively impact the mind in many ways. Helping to reduce stress, increase focus and concentration, and improve our overall mental health and well-being, it’s no wonder many surfers head out to the ocean daily for their dose of “Vitamin Sea”. By immersing oneself in the beauty and power of the ocean, surfers are able to connect with nature and experience a sense of freedom and joy that may be hard to find elsewhere.

Surround yourself with feel good vibes at NEXO

So, whether you are an experienced surfer or just starting out, take the time to appreciate the mental benefits of this amazing sport, and let the waves carry you to a place of balance and tranquility. Here at NEXO, we’re passionate about using the practice of Surf to cultivate a greater sense of peace and harmony. And when you’re not meditating out on the water, you’ll enjoy to return to your home-away-from-home; our serene Surfhouse, where you can kick-back, wind-down, and feel yourself full rested.