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When you think of surf instruction, what comes to mind? Traditional surf lessons? Well, get ready to shift your perspective because at NEXO Surfcamp, we don’t offer mere surf classes – we provide something far more enriching and transformative: Surf Coaching. Let us take you on a journey to understand the difference and why Surf Coaching is an experience like no other.

Surf Coaching: Beyond the Waves, Into the Mind

Surf Coaching goes beyond the physical aspects of riding waves. It delves into the realm of mental training, helping you conquer doubts and fears, and reach your full potential. In our classes and workshops, we don’t just teach you how to ride a wave; we guide you in identifying your objectives and overcoming the obstacles standing between your current self and the surfer you aspire to be.


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Empowerment Through Community

At NEXO, we foster a sense of community where students and coaches support each other in achieving their goals. Unlike traditional lessons that simply instruct, our approach equips you with knowledge and empowerment. We believe in making surf education digestible, comprehensible, relatable, and personable, so you leave not only with improved surf skills but also with a profound understanding of the ocean and how to continue your practice beyond the camp.


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The Tools of Surf Coaching

Here are some of the powerful tools that set Surf Coaching apart:

🔹 Video Analysis: Gain a new perspective on your technique through video analysis. We help you identify areas for improvement and provide real-time feedback on your positioning, timing, and manoeuvres.

🔹 Objective-Driven: Surf Coaching is goal-oriented. We collaborate closely with you to set objectives and create a customised plan for progression. Our coaches work hand in hand with students to chart a course toward your goals, dreams, and desires.

🔹 Personalised Attention: You’re not just a number at NEXO. Our coaches tailor their instruction to your individual needs and skill level, ensuring maximum progress and development.

🔹 Skill Refinement: Surf Coaching dives deep into refining specific techniques, manoeuvres, and board control. You’ll emerge not only as a surfer but as an artist mastering your craft.

🔹 Team Spirit: Our coaching happens in small groups that build camaraderie and support. We’re a tight-knit team, working together toward improvement.


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Surf Lessons vs. Surf Coaching: The Choice is Yours

So, what resonates more with you – traditional Surf Lessons or the transformative experience of Surf Coaching? At NEXO Surfcamp, we’re all about empowerment, community, and growth. Join us for an unforgettable journey where surfing becomes a mental and physical exploration of your potential.

Join us this autumn for an unforgettable journey of growth, camaraderie, and empowerment- our Autumn Surfcamp Season is back! And this year is going to be a good one!


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